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Slovenia Travel Agents

In Slovenia, travel agents make up the difference between an okay holiday and an adventure of a lifetime.

You planned your holiday in Slovenia. You chose the destination and researched the accommodations, the logistics and the activities you will do there. You think it is a perfect plan that could not be much better. You could not be farther from the truth. In most cases, planning with a travel agent would probably save you money while simultaneously improving your plan.

A travel agent is an expert in travel planning. They have either general knowledge or be specialists in certain areas that meet the needs of specific types of travellers. What they all have in common is that they will make your travelling better.

A good travel agent has a vast amount of knowledge that can improve your holiday experience. They will use that knowledge to your advantage— Allowing you to see that little bit more, experience that little bit extra. If an emergency arises, they have the local knowledge to help. They will advise you on any question about your travels much faster than Google ever can.

Since Slovenia is such a diverse country, you can quickly get drowned in the sea of available options. Travel agents in Slovenia are a great source of local knowledge and expertise that will make your experience in Slovenia perfect.

Not everyone can be an expert in everything. That is why our Slovenia travel agents cover different areas of expertise, suitable for various client preferences. They have years of experience accomodating guests from all over the world. All of them are a great choice for a travel agent in Slovenia.

Meet our Slovenia travel agents:


An expert in the culinary delights of Slovenia, Simona is your choice for food&wine-themed holidays in Slovenia. Her brands are,,,, and


If you want an all-around travel agent, that will help you with different sorts of activities in Slovenia, Jovan will be there for you. His brands include,,,, and


An adventurous and active soul, Klemen is the one that can help you explore the diverse landscapes of the Slovenian outdoors in an active way. He is behind brands such as, and


For organizing multiple-day holidays in Slovenia where you will experience all the amazing things this country has to offer, Ivana is your best bet. Check out her brands like and


All you fishing enthusiasts will probably have Mitja as your travel agent. He is an expert in the field of fishing tourism and will help you organize your perfect fishing holiday through brands like, and
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