About Us

Meet the team behind Slovenia Discovery! Learn all about how this project started, and how we plan to take it to the forefront of European and Worldwide tourism.

Meet the Slovenia Discovery Team!

Our story started in 2011 as a wild party experience was offered to people coming to Ljubljana seeking a fun night out. In 2012 we included Pub Crawls in the mix and improved the package and experience. 

From 2016 onwards, Stag Parties were added, and we began our expansion into the F&B side of business by offering various wine tastings and exquisite food experiences in the capital. 2019 saw the introduction of more than half a dozen new niche brands throughout the capital and across some parts of Slovenia.

In 2020 the coronavirus pandemic hindered our progress but we remained adamant about our goals and began expanding our brands in an effort to cover the entirety of the country. Throughout the lockdown period, we brought out another dozen of excellent niche products and prepared for the return of tourism whilst redefining our goals for possible future expansions and desired niches. 

2022 was an ambitious year for our team. With a total of 38 new brands, we now cover not only most of Slovenia and have begun offering experiences throughout Europe, with plans to expand further.

This was accomplished and brings us to the present day…

We are committed to providing the best possible experience.

Our Range of Offerings

We currently cover various adventurous activities ranging from multi-day tours such as all types of cycling and mountain hikes to skiing. We also aim to offer a vast variety of daily activities throughout the country, including bear-watching, SUP tours and fishing in our most beautiful rivers. 

Gastronomy lovers will find countless tastings and food-related tours on offer, as well as romantic getaways for your next honeymoon. What about a fully-fledged wedding you will remember for the rest of your life? We will take care of that too!

Picture yourself in the amazing Julian Alps

Despite the diversity of our brands, our humble beginnings are still encapsulated in their entirety within an even wider range of packages, from vibrant party nights in Ljubljana to Stag do’s all over Europe. 

Our ambition is to grow even further, allowing us to increase our brand’s reputation with World Discovery and offer even more packages for you to enjoy.

What We Do For Our Partners

Slovenia Discovery offers an immersive gateway to Slovenia, providing expertly crafted tours from Lake Bled’s tranquility to Ljubljana’s historic charm.

Our services include comprehensive ground logistics, a range of accommodation options, exclusive tour bookings, and multilingual guides, ensuring a seamless and enriching travel experience tailored to each client’s preferences.

And if you are as serious about tourism as we are, we welcome you to contact us and become part of our story: [email protected]

Incoming tourist agency, tour operator and travel agent for multi-day tours, one-day trips, various activities and other unforgettable experiences in Slovenia.
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