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Make your holiday more enjoyable and less stressful with these tour operators in Slovenia.
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A tour operator is a company, organization or firm which creates your tour and handles its actual operation.

While a travel agency is only the middleman, the tour operator is the one who organizes, prepares and runs your holiday tour. They can be booked by travel agencies or by you directly

The advantage of choosing a tour operator to handle your holiday is definitely their competitive price.

They are usually locals, who are well-positioned to make the prices of their packages lower than if you would have put it together yourself. They also make your holiday stress-free by providing you with a prepared itinerary.

Do you know the long lines at some very popular tourist sights? And don’t worry. Tourist operators usually have arrangements that allow you easy access without waiting in lines.

There are many tour operators in Slovenia.

Check out Tour Operators in Slovenia we recommend bellow:

Slovenia Cycling Holidays
Guided or self-guided cycling tours across Slovenia.
+386 41 662 866

Walking Holidays Slovenia
Hiking tours designed to take you through the green landscapes of Slovenia.
+386 41 662 866

Slovenia Fly Fishing
Guided Fly fishing in Slovenia’s stunning waters to catch the fish of your lifetime.
+386 41 460 310

Hut to Hut Hiking Slovenia
Guided and self-guided hikes on mountain trails with views of the Alpine peaks.
+386 41 662 866

Day Trips Slovenia
Best small group day trips from Ljubljana, Bled, Koper, Zagreb and Venice.
+386 41 460 430

Triglav Tours
A selection of diverse, customisable mountain climbing and hiking tours that lead to the best peaks in Triglav National Park.
+386 41 662 866

Fishing Guides Slovenia
Unforgettable fishing experience with local fishermen on beautiful hidden spots across Slovenia.
+386 41 460 310

Slovenia Holidays
The widest variety of holidays in Slovenia.
+386 41 460 520

Wine Tours Slovenia
Taste Slovenia’s rich winemaking tradition amidst beautiful vineyards.
+386 41 90 50 70

Wine Tasting Bled
The best way to experience the world of Slovenian wines.
+386 41 90 50 70

Wine Tasting Ljubljana
A one-of-a-kind Wine Tasting experience in the centre of Slovenia’s vibrant capital.
+386 41 90 50 70

Food Tour Ljubljana
Taste of Slovenia through local restaurants.
+386 51 606 557

Bear Watching Slovenia
Meet Slovenia’s wild brown bear.
+386 41 66 28 66

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